Men's Health:
The Art & Science of Sensual Healing

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  • Positive Manhood has done extensive research and has given quality information in each program. The programs are designed to give general knowledge from a holistic perspective on how to over particular health challenges. There are other considerations that must be taken into account for individual understanding. Therefore if you are desirous of individual customized consultation email me at PositiveManhoodLLC@gmail.com

  • Thereafter $100 per half hour. Get the most out of each session as we heal together the natural way.



  • You will learn methods to maximize penis girth, length and strength

  • You will discover sex strokes skills and how to bring forth deeper levels of pleasure sensations during your love making

  • You will become proficient in the art of semen management which will help to keep you revitalized

  • You will become educated about sacred sexuality and ways to increase pleasure for yourself and your partner(s)

  • You will receive dietary guidance and a list of supplements for sexual health

  • You will acquire a knowledge of how of how to create free testosterone which is essential to have powerful and lasting erections and much more.

Remember Knowledge is Power Only When You Use It!!! 


Put the information in this course into action and you will be amazed.


"Men's Health:
The Art & Science of Sensual Healing ™ is designed to help a man's girth and length naturally from the inside out. Haleem's dedication to the use of science, diet and exercise ensure that you will have the results you need to be better first for self, and then your partner in the bedroom. I have found that the greatest changes came with diet and exercise that Haleem shares for optimal growth and endurance. If you are tired of ED, or would like greater natural growth for your penis, Men's Health:
The Art & Science of Sensual Healing™ is right for you."

J. Sultan


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